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10 Things You Must Know Before You Go Into Betting

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Gambling or betting although is just a form of entertainment for some, it can also provide some level of passive income for you if you are ready to take high risks and don’t end up getting too greedy while at it.

In this piece, we share with you 10 things you must and should know before you decide to go into betting.

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#1. Use Only Money You Don’t Mind Loosing

With sports betting or any other form of gambling, it’s always best to use only money you don’t mind to loose. It’s very dangerous to use money which you know if you loose, it would hurt you. Don’t be like someone who once used his hostel fees given him by his parent to bet and in the end lost all of the money. Even when you are so sure of the odds, you should know it’s a game and anything can happen just like how our very existence is not guaranteed.

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#2. Don’t Bet On A Team Because It’s Your Favorite

One of the mistakes most people make in betting is that, they allow their emotions get a better hold of them.  Betting does not know your favorite team so always be careful not to always place your money on a team just because you love that team. Analyse the statistics and select the most likely prediction only. Also, don’t go against a team just because you don’t like them. It’s money you are using to bet and not sand.

#3. Don’t Just Go For Teams Because They Have Smaller Odds

One big mistake people make is that, once a team has a smaller odds, they are certainly going to win the game which is not always the case. Sometimes a team may have odds of 4 and the other odds of 1.4 odd and most people draw the conclusion that automatically, the team with the smaller odds would win at all cost and they get disappointed most of the time.

#4. Avoid Revenge Betting

Yes guys! Most people love to do this and it’s very stupid. The fact that you placed a bet on a team the last time and they failed you, does not mean in their next game, you should go against them as a form of revenge. It could backfire and you would loose money. We can give you several instances of this in football but I believe you guys are pretty much aware already.

#5. Don’t Repeat Same Team or Predictions In Your Slips

Yes, most people make this terrible mistake and it always fucks them up.  When you do several slips, never repeat a match in another slip and even if you want to do, change the prediction for it. For instance, Barcelona Vs Real Madrid and you tip for a Barcelona Win, avoid using this same tip in your other bet slip, as if that prediction fails, all your slips are ruined for the day. You can choose another tip like 1.5 goals or Goal in Both halves if you want, so that way you know your predictions are not repetitions.

Some people made such mistakes in the past when they started sports betting and it failed them woefully, so never repeat a prediction if you are doing multiple slips.

#6. Avoid Chasing BIG ODDs All The Time

Some people always want to settle for big odds, so they can stake smaller values and it ruins for them most of the time. It’s gambling and not mathematics you are solving, so sometimes stick to smaller odds and stake big on it. Sometimes just do 1.5 odds and stake a big amount and you are done for the day.

#7. Sometimes Avoid WIN Predictions

Predicting who’s going to win in a game is sometimes very difficult. There are some games, who’s going to win is very obvious and there are times too,  the one you expect to win could disappoint you. So the sure way to win bets all the time is to avoid WIN predictions unless it’s an obvious win. Stick to Over Goals for teams that have high scoring goals, Draw in at least 1 half for rivalries or Home or Away to win at least one half. Sometimes, you can just go for corners or cards in big games that you are confused about.

#8. Never Borrow To BET

One mistake some people do when they started betting was to borrow money to bet and up till now they have regretted the action. Never take money from someone to place a bet even if you are so sure unless, when you don’t pay the person as promised it won’t embarrass you.

#9. When You Win, Don’t Use All Your Winnings For The Next Bet

Yes, sometimes we win and we suddenly feel it’s our lucky day, so we put all the winnings again on the next odds we find. When you win big, take a break and enjoy the money as you are likely to loose on your next selection especially if it’s the same day…

#10. You Can’t Be Betting And Not Have A 1xbet Account

Yes, you need a betting company that’s trustworthy, gives you high odds, gives you an opportunity to sell your slip before the games end,  let’s you insure your bets and let’s you deposit and withdraw not only with Mobile money but 20 other payment methods.

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