24-Year-Old Beautiful Lady Killed And Forcefully Put Inside A Latrine At A Catholic Church

In Kenya, a tragic and mysterious incident unfolded within a Catholic church, where the lifeless body of a young woman was discovered in a latrine, leaving many questions unanswered.

The deceased, Josephine Karimi, was a 24-year-old woman who had recently started working as a secretary for a Catholic Church association in Kenya. On June 28, she inexplicably disappeared, prompting a thorough investigation involving the police.

After days of intense search efforts, her body was tragically found on July 3, concealed within a pit latrine on the church premises.

Josephine had only been employed for a week at the St. Mary’s Catholic Women Association (CWA) Centre in Kiaragana, Embu County before her life was abruptly cut short. Her brutal murder occurred shortly after she began her new job, and her body was heartlessly discarded within the church grounds.

The devastating news has plunged her family, as well as the entire Kivwe village where she was raised, into mourning, as reported by various Kenyan publications.

When Josephine failed to return home on June 28, her concerned family attempted to contact her, only to find that her mobile phone was switched off. They received distressing news from a Catholic priest, who informed them that Josephine had not reported to work and her whereabouts were unknown.

According to Josephine’s father, Simon Kivuti Gatumu, she had lunch with her mother before returning to work on that Wednesday. However, when they tried to reach out to her the following day, her phone remained unresponsive, raising suspicions. Mr. Gatumu hurried to the center and discovered that his daughter was absent from her locked office.

In a state of shock, the family embarked on a desperate search for Josephine, exploring every possible location, but their efforts proved futile. Despite announcing her disappearance in local churches and on social media, no one had any information about her whereabouts.

On Saturday, Josephine’s father reported her disappearance to Runyenjes Police Station and provided a statement. Assured that the matter would be investigated, the family returned home.

The following Monday, accompanied by detectives, Mr. Gatumu returned to the police station. They apprehended a casual laborer who also worked at the church and subjected him to extensive interrogation.

During questioning, the laborer, responsible for menial tasks and clearing bushes at the center, claimed to know Josephine’s location and assured the detectives that she was safe.

However, tragically, his statement proved false. Guided by the laborer, the detectives were led to the pit latrine, where Josephine’s lifeless body was discovered. Subsequently, they took the laborer into custody for further questioning.

Anthony Maina, the Embu East sub-county police boss, declared the laborer as the primary suspect in this gruesome murder, which is being treated as a case of intentional killing.

He affirmed that once the investigations concluded, the suspect, who worked within the church premises, would face legal charges.

“We have established that the woman was deliberately eliminated and disposed of in the latrine, likely in an attempt to conceal evidence,” Chief Maina stated. He confirmed that the deceased’s body had been recovered and transported to the mortuary for a post-mortem examination. He urged the grieving family to remain patient, assuring them that justice would be served.

Mr. Gatumu expressed his anguish over his daughter’s tragic fate and highlighted the absence of security or guards at the secluded office where she worked. “If there were guards or more people present at the center, my daughter would not have

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