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Ada Jesus Is Not Dead – Full Story

Sister to the comedian says she’s still alive.

Yesterday, news went viral that popular Nigerian comedian, Ada Jesus who has been battling a kidney disease has died in the hospital just a few days after her birthday was celebrated for her.

However, barely 24 hours after the sad news was broken on Facebook by a lady who goes by the name Maria Ude Nwachi, another lady is claiming the comedian is still alive and not dead.

The reason for this my live video is to tell you guys that Ada Jesus is not dead, she’s alive. All those you’re hearing are rumours, she’s alive. Those that are saying that she’s dead let them know that she’s alive.

It’s just a rumour, I don’t know if people are wishing her dead. Why will people be rumouring that she’s dead? Check her Instagram page, there’s no post, nothing to prove. If she’s dead, they’ll post it on her page, she’s not dead…she’s alive. Still in the hospital, so all these things are rumours, don’t believe it. She’s not dead and she will not die.

According to the young lady who claims to be a sister to Ada Jesus, the news on her death are all just rumours and urged people to continue praying for her as she makes full recovery.

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