Afia Schwarzenegger ‘Arrested’ By The Holy Spirit During Prayers at Ohemaa Mercy’s Tehillah Experience

There was drama at Ohemaa Mercy’s annual Tehillah Experience where Afia Schwarzenegger, who happens to be one of the attendees of the programme got ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit.

Yes, the controversial TV and radio presenter lied flat on her back and has to be covered with cloths. In the video circulating on the net, Ohemaa Mercy was seen pacing up and down the stage while proclaiming and prophesying, “People despise you, people do not respect. People do not take you for anything but things will change,” the gospel singer shouted with the crowd cheering.

All this while, Afia Schwarzenegger was lying motionless and it was a sight to behold.

Only time will tell.

Watch the video below:

Will she surrender her life to Jesus thereafter, considering her uncouth behaviour and highly volatile demeanour?

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