Dwayne Johnson’s Death: The Rock’s Death Hoax Laid To Rest

Death is inevitable and we would all face it one day. But the manner at which some people create fake death news around celebrities and spread it so widely with the help of social media is gradually becoming the norm of the day.

Hollywood actor and former wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, widely known as The Rock is the latest person to become a victim of a death hoax.

The star actor ‘died’ on Wednesday after he allegedly lost his life during a stunt during a movie which went bad, according to the fake death creators.

The story carried the following headline: “BBC: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Dies at 47 after a terrible stunt attempted failed.” It used BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation) label to appear as a legitimate news organization.

As you can imagine, thousands of fans shared the story on various social media platforms. Several Twitter users even asked the actor to confirm whether he is alive or not.

Dwayne Johnson has not responded to the death hoax but updated his Instagram account with a post about Jumanji. This shows he’s pissed off with the development and does not want to talk about it.

Dwayne Johnson

We guess at the right moment, he will address it officially but this nonsense must stop already.

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