Efia Odo Claps Back At Fan Who Spotted Her ‘Wild’ Photo And Advised Her Accordingly

Efia Odo has clapped back at a fan who advised her to dress properly after spotting her in a wild seductive dress.

The funny thing is that Efia recently complained that Ghanaians love everything connected to s*x, yet she has forgotten that provocative outfits like what she often puts on can trigger that.

Efia Odo recently said,

“I think in Ghana when somebody says they have a crush on someone they automatically think you want to be in a relationship with the person and have s*x. You can crush on someone because of their personality. It’s always about s*x, that means s*x is the only thing Ghanaians have in mind. Ghanaians like s*x, they like s*x too much.”

Moments after Efia posted the photo, her follower wrote:

Ah bah you this efia self wat dey worry u. Dress well and stop that nonsense”

Efia Odo replied, “I’ll squirt on your top lip“

See below:

The Ghanaian actress Efia Odo, real name Andrea Owudu, has grown her fan base from the sexy and raunchy photos she posts on her social media platform.

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