Efia Odo Explains Why She Stopped Going To Church

Ghanaian video vixen and TV personality, Efia Odo has revealed the main reason why she stopped going to church in an interview with Hitz FM.

According to her, she stopped going to church because she does not understand what Christianity is all about.

Efia stated that although she believes in the existence of God and Jesus Christ, the complexity of Christianity puts her off especially on the back of the many contradictory dogmas and sects it has.

“I used to attend church when I was young, I would follow my mum to church but as I grow up, I stopped attending church because I don’t really understand what this religion is all about.”

On why she’s controversial and always does things to be in the news; perhaps like her partner in crime Shatta Wale, Efia Odo said:

”I am not controversial. I think I am myself in a different land. It’s your choice to believe my truth or not. That speaks more about you than me. Because you want to hear and believe the negative”

Her real name is Andrea Owusu, but she is known as Efia Odo in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry. She says the name Efia Odo was coined come from her birthday(Friday) and the fact that she loves people.

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