Eno Barony Declares Herself The Best Female Rapper In Ghana (+Video)

Well few days after artist and Repertoire manager at Zylofon Media, Bulldog bolstered Eno Barony’s ego by saying she’s better than Sarkodie, Eno herself has come out to declare herself the best female Ghanaian rapper in the game.

To some extent, she’s right about that. She’s a very good rapper but Ghanaians have not wholly assimilated her into the industry. I personally love her craft and I think she can make a giant stride sooner than later.

Abeiku Santana interviewed her on the Atuu programme and that’s where she blew her trumpet by saying no female rapper is as relevant as she is right now.

She said,

“I’m the mother of all rappers in Ghana, just listen to the words from my raps, all on point. You can tell i have a sound mind.”

“I’m the only rapper in Ghana who have taken rap as far as i can when it comes to the female side. Females rappers go and come, many of them are not able to stay in the game for this long.”


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