GES Makes Changes On Directive To Search Private Parts Of BECE Candidates

A memo dated 18th July 2023 from the Ghana Education Service (GES) has gone viral on social media, drawing severe backlash due to a directive issued to supervisors and invigilators for this year’s BECE exams in the Waija-Gbawe Municipality.

The controversial instruction, found in point 4 of the memo, authorizes a thorough search of candidates, including searching their private parts, before allowing them to enter the examination hall.

This directive has sparked outrage and widespread criticism from the public. Many people consider this invasive search as a violation of the candidates’ privacy and dignity.

They argue that such measures are unnecessary and disproportionate to the goal of ensuring fair and transparent exams. Social media platforms have been flooded with posts condemning the GES and questioning the rationale behind such a directive.

On the other hand, the GES has defended its directive by stating that it aims to create a level playing field for all candidates. The education body claims that these stringent measures are meant to prevent any form of cheating or misconduct during the exams.

However, critics counter that there are alternative methods to achieve this objective without resorting to such extreme measures that infringe upon the candidates’ rights and dignity.

Unfortunately, this directive has overshadowed other measures outlined in the memo. The GES’s intention to ensure a free, fair, and transparent conduct of the 2023 B.E.C.E. has been obscured by the controversy surrounding this specific directive.

Find the statement below

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