Ghana Misses Out On World Ranking Of Average Penis Size, Five African Countries In Top 10 – (Check full list)

Ghana, previously known for its impressive average penis size ranking of third place in 2014, is no longer included in the World Ranking of Average Penis Size, as reported by

Ghana’s remarkable average length of 17.2 centimeters had sparked interest and discussions about cultural perspectives on the topic.

However, in the latest data from, Ghana’s absence from the rankings has raised questions about the factors behind this change.

The removal of Ghana from the list suggests either a shift in the methodology of data collection or significant variations in reported average sizes among nations.

To provide insight into the current rankings, presents the countries with the largest average penis sizes.

Ecuador claims the top spot, followed by Cameroon in second place, and Bolivia, Sudan, Haiti, Senegal, Gambia, Cuba, the Netherlands, and Zambia rounding out the list.

Check the list below for more details.

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