Ghanaian Big Boy Accused Of Using His One Eye For Sakawa Money

A young Ghanaian big boy who is known on social media as AMG Benjamin has been accused on social media of using his one eye to collect blood money, popularly known as ‘sakawa money’.

The rich young boy who hails from the Volta Region was accused of using his right eye for money rituals after he posted a picture of himself with a caption which suggests people have been accusing him of using his left eye for money rituals.

Some social media critics jabbed him via the popular Facebook Group, Inna Real Life when he posted an image of himself.

Here’s What He Posted In The Facebook Group

According to many social media users who trooped into the comment box, the main reason why his right eye is ‘damaged’ is because he used it for money rituals.

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However, we at can confirm that his right eye has been that way for some years even before he became rich. AMG Benjamin who is a product of Ave Senior High School in the Volta Region had an accident while playing football which resulted in his right eye being closed and not due to money Rituals.

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