Guy Who Stole Meek Mill’s iPhone In Ghana Arrested For Stealing Another Phone

A young man named Nuhu Sule, who gained notoriety in December for stealing the iPhone of renowned American rapper Meek Mill, has once again been apprehended by the Ghana Police Service.

Recall that Meek Mill, after his performance at the Afronation concert, publicly announced that his phone had been stolen and appealed for its return.

With the aid of tracking technology, the police were able to locate the phone and apprehend the suspect, Nuhu Sule, ultimately retrieving the stolen device.

However, due to the rapper’s explicit statement expressing his reluctance to see someone incarcerated over a phone, Nuhu Sule was not prosecuted for his actions.

Regrettably, recent developments reveal that Nuhu Sule has been arrested once again, this time for stealing another individual’s phone at a different location.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) shared this information on their social media platform, including a screenshot of the incident.

It is a concerning turn of events, highlighting the repeated involvement of Nuhu Sule in criminal activities, specifically related to phone theft.

Authorities will likely proceed with appropriate legal action to address this recurring issue and ensure the protection of individuals from such offenses.

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