“I Am Traumatized” – Lady Cries Out After Discovering Fetish Box Containing Her Picture And Underwear In Her Boyfriend’s Room

A Nigerian woman has expressed her deep distress on social media after stumbling upon a fetish box containing her photograph and underwear in her boyfriend’s room.

In a TikTok video she shared, the young woman revealed that her curiosity led her to search her partner’s room after watching a video where another woman found fetish objects in her boyfriend’s possession.

However, her search took an unexpected turn when she accidentally broke a box that her boyfriend claimed was used for storing money, only to discover occult items inside.

Overwhelmed by her shocking discovery, the woman recorded a video showcasing the fetish objects, which included a photograph of herself with her name written on both the front and back, along with her underwear.
The eerie encounter left her terrified and deeply unsettled.

She said in the video,

“I am traumatized right now, I don’t know what my eyes are seeing here, I don’t know. Today I went to my boyfriend’s house immediately he left I scattered his house, I searched everywhere, his wardrobe, under his bed and I didn’t see anything.

“I decided to arrange his things back when a spirit told me to check his safe that is on top of his wardrobe. Then the spirit said I should break it.

“Guys what I saw in the box, I cannot explain. Let me record it, this was what I saw in the box, a scary thing tied with red cloth, my picture folded with my name written in the front and my pant used to tie N1000.

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