“I have Slept With 15 Students & 5 Lecturers Unprotected” – UEW Level 200 HIV AIDS Patient Confesses (Check Photo)

A second-year female student at the University of Education has recently come forward to admit her involvement in the transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus to 15 students and 5 lecturers.

In an anonymous post on the social media platform Jodel, she confessed that she intentionally engaged in unprotected sexual encounters with them, aiming to transmit the virus.

She expressed her remorse and shared the following message: “I can’t imagine I’m confessing this”

“I’m a level 200 student of uew. HIV-positive young damsel. I slept with 15 students and 5 lecturers unprotected .. it wasn’t my fault, they wanted it unprotected and I can’t tell them I was positive”


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