‘I Wish I Had A Strong Man In Whose Arms I Could Rest All Night’ – Efia Odo

Indeed being single can be a lonely adventure when it dawns on you that you sleep alone every evening when you about to go to bed.

That is exactly what Efia Odo is going through right now as she complained she has no one in her life to cuddle and pamper her in his arms every night as slowly drifts away into sleep.

She wrote on Twitter:

“I actually love being at work rather than being at home.. still tryna figure out why. I mean maybe cuz I love my job, but maybe if I had some strong arms to go home to every night I would love being home rather . This is sad tho”.

Efia Odo’s post might sound paradoxical because here’s a beautiful lady with a great body who can attract any man on earth.

Besides, we have heard quite too often that Efia Odo warms the beds of most of the male celebs so we don’t understand why she’s ‘crying’ here.

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