‘I Once Recorded My Atopa Video With My Boyfriend’- Yvonne Okoro

In an era where social media has become a useful and destructive tool in equal measure, ‘atopa’ tapes have been dropping like an epidemic in a small town.

Almost every day, an ‘atopa’ tape of someone, from students making it out on each other to celebrities, leaks on social media which cause a whole of inconvenience to those involved.

Actress and producer, Yvonne Okoro has also disclosed that she once recorded her lovemaking session with her then-boyfriend.

According to her, this happened long ago and that she later regretted taking such an action in the first place.

“I’ve done that once when I was young. Listen it was my ex-boyfriend and I regret it because that time I wasn’t in the industry so I was like God, what if one day, what if one day.”

According to Yvonne Okoro, she ensured that the video was deleted after it was recorded so that no one, including her man would use it for malicious purposes.

She went on to describe such moves as “silly”, but added that she did it because she and her partner felt bored and wanted to try something “spicy”.

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