VIDEO: “I’ve Used Kuami Eugene’s Look-alike Job To ‘Chop’ Many Ladies” – Look-alike

One of the members of the popular ‘4 Kings’ look-alike group, Rockstar Junior, recently shared the interesting experiences he has had since resembling Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene.

During an appearance on The Delay Show alongside his fellow look-alikes, the topic of his encounters with women after gaining fame arose.

Rockstar Junior, whose real name is Stephen, expressed his admiration for Kuami Eugene and revealed that he has been receiving numerous propositions from females who mistake him for the music star. Despite clarifying that he is not Kuami Eugene, the attention from these women continues unabated.

“The ladies have been pestering me,” Stephen admitted. “They think I’m Kuami Eugene. Even when I tell them I’m not, they refuse to back out. They pester me a lot. Some even buy things like shoes and apparel for me in their bid to win my heart.”

As host Delay probed further, inquiring about any intimate encounters resulting from this attention, Stephen hesitated and laughed before responding. He mentioned that he has not been promiscuous and clarified that while there have been some sexual encounters, he has not been involved with many people.

The humorous and candid exchange between Rockstar Junior and Delay brought laughter and amusement among his fellow look-alikes and the audience.



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His resemblance to Kuami Eugene has undoubtedly brought some unexpected and interesting experiences into his life, and he continues to handle the attention with humor and grace.

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