Lady Deported To Ghana After Her Best Friend Reported Her To US Authorities

A Ghanaian lady named Frimpongmaa faced deportation back to her homeland after being reported to the authorities by someone she considered her friend in the United States.

Frimpongmaa had been living in the US but struggled to secure her papers, leading her to use her best friend’s identification to work illegally. As a result, her earnings were deposited into her friend’s bank account for a considerable period, amounting to $70,000.

When Frimpongmaa urgently needed to access her earnings, she approached her friend to withdraw the money per their agreement. However, her friend claimed to be unwell and unable to assist her immediately, stating that she had been advised by doctors not to leave her home for two months. Despite the pressing situation, the friend agreed to use an Uber to take them to the bank.

“My money is with the sister and I told her to let’s go to the bank to withdraw the money for me. She said she doesn’t have time. She was sick, so I should give her 2 months and that the doctor said she should not go out. So the woman said, I’ll use Uber to pick you up to the bank. This led to an argument,” Frimpongmaa told the source.

An argument ensued between them over the money, and in a heated moment, the friend falsely claimed to be under attack by Frimpongmaa. This led her husband to call the police, who arrived at the scene and discovered that Frimpongmaa was an illegal immigrant living in the country.

Subsequently, Frimpongmaa was found guilty by the court of residing unlawfully in the country and was deported back to Ghana. Currently, she is working as a dishwasher in a local eatery.

The unfortunate turn of events serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of illegal immigration and the complexities of trusting others in such precarious situations.

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