Lady Who Planned To Share Photos Of Her Newly Born Baby From The Labour Room On Facebook Dies During Childbirth

An enthusiastic potential mother has died through childbirth, moments after revealing to her friends on Facebook that she intended to show them everything that will happen in the labour room, including photos of the baby.

The deceased, identified only as Elizabeth took to Facebook to share her pre-delivery photos and was eager to share photos of her delivery process and the baby but fate had different plans for her.

Before her untimely death, she took some photos with her heavy baby bump and pleaded that it shouldn’t be shared and that she has plans to share them after her delivery.

“Don’t delete those pictures, When I’m through with this pregnancy I’ll post them on Facebook, I am not there for now until I’m delivered of my baby.”, her last words before her death.

After her death, the sad story was shared by one of her friends who knew everything.

She wrote:

“I just posted the pictures now you have given birth to your bouncing baby girl, the difference is that it’s not you, but at least it’s now on social media.

It’s over eight days now and your daughter can see clearly, she saw me this morning Elizabeth.”

May her soul rest in PEACE!

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