Lady Who Said She’ll Never Date a Broke Guy Used For Sakawa Rituals By Her Boyfriend

A young Ghanaian woman, who recently made a Facebook post expressing her unwillingness to enter into a romantic relationship with a financially struggling man, has reportedly fallen victim to a tragic incident involving her boyfriend’s involvement in money rituals.

According to reports, the woman, often referred to as a “slay queen,” was in a relationship with a prominent individual involved in cyber fraud (sakawa). She had openly expressed her strong aversion towards being with men who lacked financial stability.

Tragically, it is alleged that the woman was murdered and her body was concealed inside a box in an undisclosed popular hotel.

The main suspect in this shocking incident is believed to be her boyfriend, who is associated with the sakawa activities. He had invited her to the hotel and was seen sharing a room with her prior to her untimely demise.

Currently, the boyfriend is missing, and it is speculated that he may be hiding somewhere in the capital city. The authorities are actively searching for him in connection with the investigation.

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