Letter To Lydia Forson And All Feminists; Your Gender Isn’t A Qualification For You To Get To The Top

Ghanaian feminists on social media have expressed shock over President Akufo-Addo’s comment at the Women Deliver Conference at Vancouver in Canada.

Speaking on a panel at the conference, Nana Akufo-Addo said: “not enough movement is being made by the 52% of the Ghanaian population that are women to be able to be in the position to make these decisions.”

He further indicated that even though 30% of his cabinet are women, they are not seeing enough dynamism and activism from the women.

This has left many Ghanaian feminists wondering if the president has not seen all of the efforts, they put into activism on many platforms which include social media. Pioneers of feminism in the current generation have expressed worry and called out the president on social media.

These people include Lydia Forson, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, Regina Honu and many others. Meanwhile, some Ghanaians are applauding Alaa Murabit who was also a panelist and raised concerns about what Nana Akufo-Addo said.

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across this amazing piece from my colleague blogger who has squashed the loud mouth social media feminists whose main target is to make noise on social media about feminism and slay on the red carpet at every event they find themselves.

He wrote;

This is Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo and by now if you still do not know that he has a dream of becoming Ghana’s president one day then probably you live on Mars or Pluto!

John is currently fighting his way to the top and making all the necessary contacts likely to aid him to achieve his political goals — and we are all witnesses to his struggle just to be called His Excellency John Dumelo in some 10 years to come or one day.

His female colleagues especially Lydia Forson on the other hand is on social media 24/7 championing the course of feminism, gender equality and women empowerment which is likely not to yield any fruit for her in years to come.

She moves to one event and to the other slaying on red carpets and posting of photos and videos on Instagram for likes and comments.

One day when John Dumelo becomes lucky of which I’m optimistic about and climbs Ghana’s presidential seat with his wife as first lady, his female colleagues will still be screeching about gender equality and women empowerment in his ears that they’ve been sidelined — forgetting when he started his political career!

As a woman, if you want to become somebody or climb a top political position you start working towards it now.

You don’t expect the men to be working out their asses day and night and then gifts the opportunity to you when it’s available — hell no! That wouldn’t happen!

And I repeat! Your gender isn’t a qualification for you to get to the top!

—Samuel-Clement Enoku

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