Man Arrested For Disguising Himself As A Woman To Write Law Exam For His Girlfriend

A shocking incident has rocked Uganda’s judicial service, as a man was apprehended for a deceptive act of disguising himself as a woman to take law exams on behalf of his girlfriend.

This incident unfolded shortly after the man was promoted to the esteemed position of Grade One Magistrate.

According to reliable sources from within the Ugandan legal community, the man craftily devised a plan to impersonate his girlfriend during the law exams.

The true motive behind this deceitful act remains unclear, but it is evident that he carefully orchestrated the scheme to exploit weak security measures during examination sessions.

The identity of the girlfriend involved has not been revealed, but it is believed that she was an aspiring law student struggling to pass the exams on her own merit.

Instead of seeking legitimate support and assistance, the couple opted for an egregious act of dishonesty, which ultimately led to their downfall.

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