Man Does 3,378 Push-ups In An Hour, Breaking Record On Seventh Attempt

Pop Laurentiu, a 35-year-old resident of Romania/UK, has broken the record for the most push ups in one hour after six failed attempts over the past six years.

He completed an astonishing total of 3,378 push ups, surpassing the previous record set by Daniel Scali of Australia, who achieved 3,249 push ups.

Pop’s achievement is the result of seven years of dedicated training and consistent improvement. He trained five days a week, honing his physique and technique with each unsuccessful attempt until he finally reached his goal.

The push ups were performed following the strict guidelines set by the Guinness World Records. Pop’s latest attempt was flawless, and not a single push up was disqualified.

He accomplished the record-breaking feat at Fishmongers’ Hall in London, where he works as a porter. Pop was inspired to break the record after seeing another individual achieve it, and he decided to take on the challenge himself.

Despite facing rejection and increasing difficulty each year, Pop persevered and remained determined to achieve his goal. His mental strength and unwavering commitment played a crucial role in finally obtaining the record.

While he is thrilled with this accomplishment, Pop’s ambition doesn’t end here. He now has his sights set on breaking the record for the most push ups in one hour with an 80 lb pack.

Pop’s advice to others aspiring to achieve their goals is to keep pushing forward and learn from failures. He believes that persistence and learning from setbacks are key to success.

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