Man Ends Relationship With Girlfriend For Spending Her Entire Savings An A Single Wig

On Twitter, a Nigerian man going by the name “Mr Alan” recently ended his relationship with his girlfriend after discovering that she had spent her entire savings of N200,000 (GHC 2,853) on a single wig.

Mr Alan took to Twitter to express his shock and concern upon learning about his girlfriend’s extravagant purchase. He couldn’t believe that she had used all her savings, which amounted to 200k, to buy just one wig.

The revelation prompted a flurry of reactions from netizens, who were equally surprised by such a decision.

“She had only 200k in her account, and she used all the 200k to buy wig!!” he tweeted, prompting a wave of reactions from netizens.

Feeling curious and taken aback, Mr Alan confronted his girlfriend about the matter, and she openly admitted to using her entire savings to purchase the hairpiece.

This revelation put Mr Alan in a challenging position, as his girlfriend now turned to him for financial support, having depleted her own funds on the expensive wig.

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