‘Marrying One Wife Will Prevent Many From Going To Heaven’ – Gospel Singer Bahati

In a recent interview on the “Men’s Corner” show, Kevin Kioko, the renowned Kenyan gospel singer known as Bahati, expressed his support for polygamy and suggested that marrying only one wife could potentially hinder men from reaching heaven.

During the conversation with one of his associates, Baite, Bahati questioned the modern-day pastors who advocate for monogamy and demanded to know where the Bible explicitly restricts polygamous relationships.

In a video of their discussion posted on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel, Bahati shared his perspective, stating, “Why do pastors nowadays tell us to have only one wife.These pastors should show us in the Bible where God says we must have one wife.

Bahati went on to point out examples from the Bible, such as Solomon and David, who had multiple wives, suggesting that God seemingly permitted such arrangements in the past.

He added, “I feel like something that might prevent men from going to heaven is choosing to have only one wife. God will question why I allowed Solomon and David to have many wives, but you chose to have just one.”

It’s important to note that Bahati’s views on this matter are his personal beliefs, and interpretations of religious texts can vary among individuals and religious communities.

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