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Moesha Boduong Now Into Charity

Moesha Gives Back To Her Society For Her Birthday!

One of the most controversial Ghanian public figures, Moesha Boduong visited Sisala her hometown, to give back to her people. Billaw school in the Upper West Region, received stationary and snack from her through her N.G.O, the Moesha foundation, as part of her birthday activities.

She stated on her Instagram page that, giving back to her people has been a childhood dream of which she is excited to fulfill. Her act of kindness will undoubtedly do fulfill a need in these students.


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Well there are two things I’ll forever be proud of and continually boast about, that is; who I am and where I come from. Growing up from a sissala home taught me how to value family and education, respect and be hard-working. Compared to other tribes, the sissalas are not talked about often, however, aside been located in Upper West Region we are also known for the xylophone, charcoal burning,farming and wearing smock. Compared to other tribes, you might have heard little or nothing about the Sissalas and so I’ll briefly tell you something about them. Everychild is entitled to education, but it is sad that most of our young ones lack the basic necessities and support to achieve it. I can’t promise to build mountains and castles for these young ones but, I know I can support them with the little that I can and rather push them to value education as I was taught so that,they can build the mountains and castles for themselves. So yes, I’m proud I didn’t forget the values I learnt and gave back to society,especially my people. #sissalas @moeshafoundation #

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I can't promise to build mountains and castles for these young ones but, I know I can support them with the little that I can.

Moesha Actress

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Those were some of the words of Moesha Boduong as she gave her quota. But the question is, whether her almost naked birthday picture is one of the little things she wishes to motivate the students of Billow school with.

With the fast penetration of technology these days, it is highly possible most teens in the school have seen this her posts on social media. What motivation, aside her words are the young girls in the school picking from her?

Physical and financial charity is good, but without good moral and social character, all we will do is educate a generation that will lead our nation no where.

Happy belated birthday Moesha!

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