Must Watch: Popular Roman Father Exposed For Using Lady As A Séx Doll And Forcing Her To Abort Several Pregnancies

A Ghanaian woman in her middle age has come forward on Asempa FM, lodging a complaint against a prominent Roman Father (whose identity is being kept confidential) and accusing him of using her as a sexual object and coercing her into undergoing several abortions.

According to the woman, the Roman Father had promised to improve her life, and he indeed delivered on those promises. During a live radio discussion, she disclosed that she was asked by the Roman Father, who is based in Kumasi, to move into the mission house with him and specifically instructed to keep their arrangement a secret.

While residing together in secrecy at the mission house, the Roman Father would occasionally take her to strip clubs, where they would engage in leisure activities and partake in the nightlife.

After a few months of their clandestine cohabitation, the Roman Father expressed his romantic interest in the woman, and they began a sexual relationship.

Unfortunately, the woman became pregnant multiple times, which led to the Roman Father pressuring her into undergoing abortions.



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Their intimate involvement contradicted the principles of their priesthood, potentially bringing public disgrace upon them.

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