Nonsense, why didn’t you join the Ghana Army? – Ghanaian Lady In U.S Army Roasted After Advising Young People Not to Rush to Travel Abroad

A stern message comes from Ama Koranteng, a Ghanaian U.S. Army officer, as she advises the country’s youth against hasty journeys abroad, cautioning that life in foreign lands is not as glamorous as portrayed online.

In an interview, Ama highlights that the lives of Ghanaians abroad, as seen on social media, are often embellished, and the reality is that many are facing significant challenges to make a living.

Her advice to the young people of Ghana is not to pin all their hopes on traveling abroad for success, as the path is far from easy and survival can be tough.

Ama encourages those who have viable opportunities in Ghana to pursue them and maintain their current means of living.

To see Ama Koranteng’s full message, watch the video below…

In response to her video, netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction, criticizing her for traveling abroad and attempting to dissuade others from doing the same.

“Come and join the Ghana Army, why joining the US Army instead, nothing is easy everywhere,” one netizen wrote.

Another added: “Why didn’t she join Ghana Armed Forces?”

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