‘People Who Take Selfies During Worship Are Cursed’ – Ohemaa Mercy Reveals

Gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has raised serious concerns about the increasing trend of recording videos and taking selfies during church worship sessions.

She believes that such actions show a lack of reverence for God and the sacred atmosphere of worship.

In Ohemaa Mercy’s perspective, approaching the presence of the Almighty should be treated with the same respect and decorum as meeting a human king. Rather than focusing on expressing genuine gratitude for God’s protection and deliverance, some individuals seem more interested in capturing the moment for social media or other purposes.

This behavior, according to Ohemaa Mercy, has negative consequences as it undermines the solemnity of the occasion and displays a disregard for the divine presence they are encountering.

Drawing a comparison to how high-ranking individuals are accorded respect in society, Ohemaa Mercy emphasizes that God, as the creator of the universe, deserves even greater reverence and devotion.

To illustrate her point, she shares a personal experience of witnessing a lady miss out on a blessing during worship due to her lack of focus and sincerity. Ohemaa Mercy recalls seeing an angel holding a baby on an empty chair, representing a potential blessing.

However, when the lady in question was informed about the angelic presence and its significance, it was revealed that she had not approached worship with a genuine heart. As a result, the angel departed with the unfulfilled blessing, highlighting the importance of sincere devotion and respect in the worship setting.

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