PHOTOS: Mexican Mayor Marries Alligator In Colourful Wedding Ceremony

In a centuries-old tradition aimed at bringing good fortune to their fishing community, the mayor of a small village in Mexico married an alligator bride.

San Pedro Huamelula Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa participated in the jubilant ceremony, where he bent down to kiss the reptile multiple times while its snout was securely tied shut.

The 7-year-old alligator, affectionately called “Little Princess,” is revered as a representation of nature and holds a symbolic connection between humans and the divine.

During the colorful ceremony, locals carried the alligator through the village streets, fanning it with their hats. The ritual is deeply rooted in the indigenous cultures of the Chontal and Huave communities in the state of Oaxaca, with origins likely dating back to pre-Hispanic times.

The blending of indigenous traditions with Catholic spirituality involves dressing the alligator, or caiman, in a white wedding gown and other colorful attire. The ceremony serves as a prayer for abundant rain, bountiful food, and thriving fish populations in the river.

Elia Edith Aguilar, known as the godmother who organized the event, expressed her happiness and pride in her cultural roots. Despite her concern about what the alligator would wear, she described the tradition as beautiful and meaningful.

The ceremony stands as a unique testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditions that persist in the southern regions of Mexico.


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