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PHOTOS Of Dzodze Slay Queen ‘EKPOR’ Who Was Beaten Mercilessly

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We reported earlier today about how one of our readers sent us a video of a slay queen in Dzodze, the Volta Region received the beating of her life when she disrespected a kenkey seller.

In the video sent to Buzzslate.com last night by one of our readers, a small girl beat the hell out a popular slay queen who is popularly called ‘Ekpor’ after she disrespected her madam, the kenkey seller.

According to the information attached to the video, the slay queen is a very disrespectful girl and she took her disrespectfulness to one kenkey seller at Dzodze when she started insulting her and the small girl descended on her and gave her some dirty slaps.

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We now have her pictures.

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Second photo

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Watch The Video Below

From our source, the small girl who beat the slay queen is the girl who helps the kenkey seller and after seeing how disrespectful the slay queen is to her madam, she descended on her and gave her the beating of her life.

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