PHOTOS: Popular TikToker Arrested For Stealing Wig And Clothes To Create Contents Online

A woman has been arrested for reportedly stealing clothes and using them for content on TikTok.

According to the person who captured the moment on video, the suspect was a former friend who allegedly stole the clothes after being brought to her residence to rent an empty apartment.

The person whose clothes and wig were stolen involved the police in the matter, prompting the friend to assist in tracking down the suspect.

In addition, a compilation of images was shared, displaying some of the clothes supposedly stolen by the TikTok user.

The individual who posted the video online provided a narrative of the incident.

“I look for house for her for the place wey I dey stay. she come go thief person property carry run police come dey find me because to produce her. So I help the person track her down I posted another video from the police station but they said that I should delete it”.


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