Pundit Slams ‘Sexist’ Sarkodie, Rebukes Him For ‘Try Me’ Song

McDonald Nana Yaw Asare, an entertainment pundit, shared his lack of surprise regarding Sarkodie’s remarks about Yvonne Nelson in his song, stating that the rapper has always displayed what he considers to be a sexist attitude.

Asare noted that Sarkodie’s lyrics often focus on women’s physical attributes such as breasts and buttocks, and his response to Yvonne in the song “Try Me” reflects this pattern.

Expanding on his viewpoint, Asare argued that Sarkodie’s tendency to deliver vulgar and disrespectful lyrics provided a platform for his offensive remarks towards Yvonne, suggesting that he merely seized the opportunity to continue his usual behavior.

“Sarkodie has always been a sexist. You’ll know by the way he goes about his rap. He is always talking about breasts, buttocks, and so on. Sexism! His song about Yvonne Nelson was another opportunity for him to throw such things at her,” he stated during a discussion on E-Forum hosted by Abrantepa.

He further stated that it would have been better for Sarkodie to ignore Yvonne Nelson’s allegations, despite knowing that his remarks can be offensive.

Asare pointed out that there have been instances where other rappers have thrown shade at Sarkodie, yet he chose not to respond. Therefore, ignoring the situation would have been a more prudent approach, in his opinion.

“We know his utterances can be vile, but there are even rap contenders who have thrown shades at him and he never responded. So it would’ve been better to ignore this,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, Sarkodie’s song “Try Me” has elicited significant reactions, as it addresses Yvonne Nelson’s claims of being impregnated and abandoned by him after experiencing life-threatening abortion complications.

In response to Yvonne’s allegations, Sarkodie released a track titled “Try Me,” in which he presents his side of the story. Yvonne had previously shared in her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” how Sarkodie impregnated her and neglected her during a dangerous abortion procedure that led to severe bleeding.

However, Sarkodie’s song reveals that it was Yvonne’s decision to terminate the pregnancy. While admitting to having a relationship with her, he suggests that Yvonne is portraying herself as a victim and capitalizing on the fact that society tends to give more attention to women’s stories.

Yvonne Nelson took to Twitter to respond to Sarkodie’s lyrics and expressed her thoughts on the parts that hurt her the most. Her tweets conveyed her frustrations with his response.

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