SAD VIDEO: Man Cries Like A Baby As Lady He Sponsored For 3 Years Dumps Him Because Of Her Pastor

A Ghanaian man in his middle age has recently garnered public sympathy due to an emotionally charged video where he is seen shedding tears over his former girlfriend.

In the heart-wrenching footage, the man recounts a difficult decision he made to leave his well-paying job, which required him to be away from home, in order to be closer to his girlfriend.

He made this sacrifice in response to her continuous complaints about feeling lonely.

Sadly, the man shares that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, abruptly ended their relationship based on misguided advice from her pastor. According to him, the pastor wrongly predicted that he would mistreat and burden her if they were to marry.

Despite his diligent care and devotion to Sarah for three long years, never once raising a hand against her, she chose to heed her pastor’s counsel and abruptly severed the once cherished relationship they shared.

The man’s heartbreak and disbelief are evident in the video, as he expresses the deep emotional pain caused by the loss of their once admired bond.



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