Sister Derby Spotted With New Boyfriend At The Beach (+Video)

Deborah Vanessa Owusu Bonsu, known simply as Sister Derby has been spotted with a handsome man having the fun of their lives at the beach.

The model and singer is currently on vacation at Sagakope and having a blast with this unidentified man believed to be the replacement to her former boyfriend, Medikal.

Sister Derby recently told reporters that she broke up with Medikal after she heard rumours about him cheating on her.

“There were rumours of cheating and when I found out I just left. I know people think otherwise but I left.

I don’t see why I should fight for someone who is proving to be otherwise, there is no point. I saw the break up coming so I left”

Medikal Deborah Vanessa

Well, we hope she finds happiness in this new guy, if really they are items already.

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