Stonebwoy Unworthy To Be Issued With A Permit To Hold Gun; Everything We Learned From The 2019 VGMA

For the first time in the 20-year history of the Ghana Music Awards, organisers have failed to announce the winner of the ‘Artiste of the Year’ category.

The organisers failed to announce a winner due to a fracas between two of the nominees of that category during the awards ceremony on Saturday.Hosts of the Awards this year, Kwame Sefa Kayi and Berla Mundi announced that the winner for that category and the ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ will be announced on a later date.They noted that the decision not to announce winners for the two categories was due to a fight that broke out between the camps of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy.

From our own opinions, here is everything we learned from the 2019 VGMA.

1. Stonebwoy isn’t worthy to be issued with a permit to hold fire-arm. In a capacity crowd of over 40000, how would Stonebwoy get his correct target of Shatta and not accidentally hurting others should he pull the trigger?

2. Did Stonebwoy properly pass all the musketry requirements before the permit was given him?

3. What are the details of his musketry credentials? Accuracy? Precision? Endurance? Gauging? Targeting? Types of aiming he’s good at? Physical and emotional composure? etc.

4. Which officer or trained personnel took him through the rudiments?

5. Shatta Wale doesn’t merit any modicum of respect. He was never needed on stage: nobody needed his shameless congratulations.

6. Most of Shatta songs are village, jama compositions which can only make him a village champion.

7. Shatta by his compositions, doesn’t meet the strictest sense requirements for a dancehall genre. For the bully that he claims/portrays to be, he must be met on the same bully terms and trajectory.

8. Chatterhouse failed and failed miserably with regards to security arrangements. They deserve no respect whatsoever.

9. Why must Ghanaians in the entertainment industry allow a foreigner (a Nigerian woman) to be organising awards for them. The Nigerian woman should take her Chatterhouse to her home country and award naija artists.

From The Foregoing

> MUSIGA must take over the awards scheme and work closely with Ministry of Culture, Creative Arts and other government agencies.

>Stonebwoy must immediately be stripped of the permit to hold a firearm and be banned for 6months. Let him go through the procedure to acquire permit again after serving the ban.

> The government must move swiftly to take over security of all social gatherings in the country. Yesterday’s incident is a symptom and a touchstone of a broader bomb powder keg we all squatting on, ready to explode.

> Events organisers must henceforth satisfy some provisions before they are allowed to hold public gatherings.

> To secure our peace and friendly atmosphere for world respect and tourism must not be compromised by somebody’s inordinate desire and personal selfish interest. I have seen nations degenerate with my own eyes and can attest to the consequences.
Police and soldiers must be ruthless on anyone who disturbs or compromises our peace.

It is a constitutional duty for citizens to fight people who intend to bring disaster on our society. We must act

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