Talented Kids Runner Up, Awal Follows The Footsteps Of His Godfather, Sarkodie As He Denies A Baby

Former Talented Kids star, Awal Muhammad, faces allegations of impregnating and abandoning a young lady named Habiba Muhammad.

In a detailed account shared on the popular Facebook page Iqra, Habiba recounts her harrowing experience. She claims that Awal urged her to terminate the pregnancy, but when she refused, he deceitfully promised to care for the child.

Shockingly, he allegedly kidnapped her instead. Habiba’s story has sparked heated discussions online, with many demanding justice for the young lady.

As these allegations unfold, both parties involved remain entangled in a distressing web of accusations and counter-accusations.

“Salam iqra, I am Habiba muhammad . An entrepreneur, a mother . I am depressed bcos I have been deprived of the right to see my own child . A child who was denied and asked to be aborted . Due to which I was sacked from home bcos no one accepted me.

The father of the child denied d pregnancy and also asked me to abort together with his mom But I refused just bcos I don’t want to put my life at stake and I love my child soo much that I don’t want to commit double sins . Allah being so good I dilevered safely tho it wasn’t easy bcos I have to pass through cs surgery to bring forth my child just bcos I was in pains through out my pregnancy .

After delivery , things wasn’t easy for my baby and I due to which I started doing some small scale business to cater for my child and I .

He later on accepted the child but wasn’t paying attention to his responsibilities which I had to report to d authorities before he started helping us and dat too on and off . He took the child to his mom one day when he was 2 to run away with him without my concern . Luckily I saw dem in a bus and went to take my child .

Now that he is 4, he took him away and deprived me from even speaking to him nor see him . I don’t no where my child is but I learnt he is with his mom who is a drunkard which makes me more insecured. I tried speaking to the authorities but dey up making the case foolish just bcos he is a celebrity.

He is none other Dan awal Muhamad . He won second position talented kidz 2010 who was taken by sarkodie bcos of his talent in rap .

But due to his arrogance, he was later abandoned by sarkodie. Iqra pls help me bcos dis people rejected d baby in the beginning so how can dey love my child now . Thank u iqra salam.

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