Teenager Who Allegedly Changed From An Owl To Bird Reveals How She Charges 50 Cedis For Her Midnight “Works”

A mysterious woman, who claimed to have transformed from a bird into a human, shocked a group of prayer warriors during an encounter at a home in Gomoa Mampong, Central Region.

The woman confessed that she had been sent by a major deity from New Winneba to afflict a specific victim in the house where prayers were being conducted. The prayer warriors, upon witnessing the unusual transformation, took action against the intruder.

An unnamed prayer warrior, recounting the incident to Metro TV (July 17), disclosed that the woman revealed the cost of the operation. According to her, she had been contracted by the big deity in Winneba and was paid 50 cedis for the task of afflicting the victim’s life.

Upon discovering the strange occurrence, Nana Antwi, a sub-chief of the region, advised the community members not to touch the woman and promptly called the police to handle the matter.

Subsequently, the case of the purported 30-year-old bird-turned-woman has been handed over to the Gomoa Okyereko branch of the Ghana Police Service for investigation.

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