“Three Days Of Chatting, No Single Comma, Full Stop, Or Question Mark” – Teacher Breaks Up With His New Girlfriend Over Punctuation

A school teacher named Pope Itodo shares his amusing encounter with a lady whom he decided to break up with after just three days of texting, all due to her poor punctuation skills.

Taking to his Facebook page, Itodo vents about his frustrating experience during the talking stage with the lady in question. He reveals that in three days of texting, she had not used a single comma, full stop, or even a question mark in her messages.

This lack of punctuation left him with a headache, struggling to decipher the intended meaning of her sentences.

In his post, Itodo expresses his exasperation, stating that even a basic comma or full stop would have sufficed. He lightheartedly mentions that he’s not asking for anything fancy like semi colons, hyphens, or exclamation marks. His humorous remark about capitalizing proper nouns, except for Lagos, and wondering what “Abuja” is further adds to the amusement of his post.

“I know I just met this babe but I can’t do this anymore. Three days of chatting and she has not used a single comma, full stop, or even question mark! She will just say “Have you eaten”. What is that? Are you asking a question or telling me something!? Am I asking for too much? I am not even saying you should use anything fancy like a semi colon, hyphen, or exclamation mark! And apart from lagos all states in Nigeria are proper nouns! What is abuja?” he wrote.

The post has generated various reactions from his friends and followers on social media, finding humor in the teacher’s quirky reason for breaking things off with the lady.

Oluwa Rhoda wrote: “You’re not asking for too much.”

Aninath Okpongete reacted: “Correct her politely, use a gentle helpful tone,let her know it’s a big deal for you.. That’s if you really care about the relationship sir.”

Mercy Ezeam said: “I think you deserve what you are getting and please stop disturbing us you are not the only ons looking for comma fulls top exclamation mark apostrophe you leave Lagos and find comma where you dropped it.”

Vee Vian commented: “This drives me so crazyyyyy… I legit just leave the conversation for you, before I pull my hair out. I do not ask for much… Just put a bladddyyy question mark, when you ask a question.”

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