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Top 5 Same-City Derbies In Football

Rivalries in sports are intense everywhere in the world. Some even transcend the game and affect how rival fans behave against each other in real life. This week, on the European football scene, some rivalries will be rekindled as a couple of the fixtures will feature teams hailing from the same city.

Same city rivalry in football cannot be under-emphasized. Games of such magnitudes are so intense that aside from the banter it brings, it sometimes escalates to violence in the streets. It’s always fierce when Arsenal meets Tottenham in North London. Same can be said of Real and Atletico in Madrid. The Milan derby is nothing short of raw emotions and passion.

Let’s check out some of the fiercest city rivalries in football

1. The Milan Derby

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The Milan Derby

Known as the Derby della Madonnina, this meeting between city rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan has seen them play in 290 matches.

2. Madrid Derby

Madrid Derby

This is the clash between 12-time European Cup winners Real Madrid and its city rivals Atletico Madrid.

3. Merseyside Derby

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Merseyside Derby

It’s a game full of emotions when Liverpool and Everton clash in the Merseyside Derby.

4. North London Derby

North London Derby

Arsenal and rivals Tottenham Hotspurs play in the North London derby.

5. Manchester Derby

Manchester Derby

It’s always goals and passion in the Manchester Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City.

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