Travel Guide Blog: 6 Common Activities That Could Get You Into Trouble

If you are hoping to travel around the world, then there are some guidelines on Common Activities you should always read before traveling to some countries.

Not everything you do in your home country is allowed in other countries around the world and you could be in a big mess should you disobey the rules. We have a list of some of the activities that could lead you to trouble in foreign countries.

Read, know your right and privileges before going there.

Drinking of alcohol is against the principles of Islam, so don’t dare take an alcohol with you when going to Muslim countries such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Bangladesh and Sudan.

1. Eating And Drinking

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Even if you are not a Muslim and you are caught eating or drinking in public during the holy month of Ramadan, you could face imprisonment or a fine.

2. Kissing

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If you are very fond of kissing in public, then better forget going to countries like Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Pakistan, or Oman, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Such Common Activities is considered to be a socially unacceptable behavior and you could be punished with fines and or imprisonment

3. Vals Day

Some Common Activities Muslim countries don’t celebrate is Valentine’s day and any kind of advertisements relating to the celebration are strictly prohibited. Offenders could be imprisoned.

4. Dating And Leaving Together

If you are dating someone and living together with the person in a country where is is prohibited, you’re likely to be put in Prison. Don’t stay in a hotel without your marriage certificate. The United Arab Emirates has a strict law to prevent people from living together before marriage.

5. Short Dresses

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Leave your short dresses at home when traveling to any Muslim country in order not to put yourself in trouble. Muslim countries expect women to dress modestly and you must cover the tops of the arms and legs, they should be loose and not tight dresses.

6. Selling Of Gum

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Selling of gum on the streets of Singapore is prohibited because there are strict laws to keep the city clean. Smoking, littering and spitting in public areas could lead you to paying of a huge fine. By the way, only certain gums are prohibited in Singapore for medical purposes so do visit the pharmacy to know the ones that are allowed.

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