VIDEO: Angry Man Resorts To Eggs To Invoke Curses On Phone Vendor After He Was Scammed At PZ In Kumasi

In a recent incident at PZ, a popular marketplace in the Ashanti Region, a man fell victim to a common scam perpetuated by mobile phone dealers.

He visited the trading hub to exchange his old phone for a new one but was deceived by a fraudulent phone dealer who took his money and vanished, leaving him with a knockoff device.

This kind of daylight thievery is unfortunately not uncommon, as many people in both Accra and Kumasi have experienced or heard similar stories involving mobile phone dealers.

Instead of resorting to reporting the matter to the police, which may not yield positive results, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and seek immediate justice. He rushed to the nearest shop and purchased fresh eggs to perform a ritualistic act of cursing the dishonest dealer.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the man can be seen barefooted, murmuring incantations as he smashes the eggs to the ground to seal his curses.


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Onlookers and other phone dealers familiar with the scam were in shock as the man invoked the wrath of the gods, seemingly undeterred by the potential consequences of his actions.

Social media users who came across the video expressed their disappointment with the ongoing deception and arm-twisting tactics employed in trade.

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