Video: Bride Refuses To Say Her Wedding Vows About Obeying Her Husband

A video of a black American bride refusing to recite the traditional wedding vows that include a promise to obey her husband has gone viral on social media, particularly on Twitter.

During the wedding ceremony, as the couple stood to exchange vows and rings, the bride chose not to include the part about obeying her husband, stating that it was not discussed during their counseling sessions.

She expressed her view, saying, “In sickness, and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey… we did not talk about that in counseling. I think we can do without it.”

The bride’s decision sparked mixed reactions among netizens. Some disagreed with her stance, suggesting that a marriage without the wife’s obedience may not last, while others supported her right to make her own choice.

One netizen commented, “If you marry the right man, obeying him will be the same as obeying God. If you’re worried about obeying your husband, then back to counseling you go.”

Another person shared, “The Bible says the wife is supposed to honor and obey her husband as a leader, not as a master. Husbands are supposed to be unconditional servants to their wives.”

A social media user, yksmith1969, shared a personal experience, revealing that they chose not to include the word “obey” in their vows, and their marriage has thrived for 30 years.


It is evident that the bride’s decision has sparked a meaningful conversation about the role of obedience in a marriage, with opinions varying across different individuals and cultural perspectives.

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