VIDEO: Controversial Ghanaian Pastor Kumchacha Advises Churchgoers To Stop Giving GH¢1.00 Offering

Nicholas Osei and popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha who is the founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries has recently shared his advice urging people to reconsider their traditional practice of giving only GH¢ 1 in church.

In light of the rising prices of goods and services, he believes that this increase should also be reflected in the financial contributions made to churches.

Recognizing the current economic climate, where inflation and the cost of living have steadily risen, Prophet Kumchacha emphasizes the need for a proportional adjustment in the way individuals contribute to their places of worship. According to him, giving just GH¢ 1 may no longer hold the same value as it once did.

With his guidance, the respected prophet encourages churchgoers to reflect upon their financial capabilities and contribute according to their means.

He suggests that individuals should prayerfully consider adjusting their offerings to better align with the increased costs associated with everyday life.


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