VIDEO: Four Co-wives Happily Dance And Thank Their Husband For Taking Good Care Of Them; Netizens React

Four Nigerian women, all married to the same man, have captured attention on TikTok as they showcase the unique love and strong bond between them.

In a viral video circulating on social media, the women, dressed in matching purple outfits (known as ‘aso-ebi’ in Nigeria), happily took turns dancing in front of the camera.

In the video, they openly reveal that they share a husband and express their admiration for his ability to manage their individual quirks and unique personalities with grace and understanding.

The caption accompanying the clip reads, “Four wives of the same hubby, thanks to our husband for managing our madness.”

While the women demonstrate harmony, some netizens have questioned the authenticity of their display, suggesting that it might be a pretense for the camera.



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These critics are skeptical that four women married to the same man can truly coexist peacefully and harmoniously.

Mewrigioodnews on Instagram for instance commented – Them still no love themselves Women can pretend.
No woman likes sharing.

Vicky Orja – We need to normalise women marrying more than one husband.

@GyllianHatnote – Women don’t like to share, they will only share when the man in question is rich

@Aubermeig – Polygamy is organised CHEATING by the patriarchal society, to favour only men. If we normalise women marrying 3 to 6 husbands (yes 6), these same men will BAN polygamy worldwide.

@AdelaKuta – If truly the home is as happy as this video, we need a man like him to help us manage a complex country like ours


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