VIDEO: Having A Lot Of Sex Has Stopped Curses From Working On Me – Wanlov The Kubolor

Ghanaian musician and free-spirited individual, Wanlov the Kubolor, has shared interesting insights into his beliefs and approach to life, including how his choice of not wearing slippers contributes to his resilience against curses and his unconventional outlook on sexual encounters.

During an interview with Sammy Kay, Wanlov, renowned for his distinctive style and thought-provoking statements, discussed a range of topics, covering curses and his personal experiences in the realm of intimacy.

One intriguing aspect of the conversation was Wanlov’s claim that not wearing slippers has played a role in his ability to withstand the effects of curses.

He stated that “Not wearing slippers has helped me sense that when people curse me, it doesn’t work. Some people don’t like me, but sexually, it has helped me.”

Wanlov delved deeper into his sexual experiences, discussing a unique approach to intimacy.

He disclosed that the length of the first round during sexual activity plays a role in his resistance to curses.

“The duration of the rounds I can go in bed is one of the reasons why curses don’t affect me,” he explained.

While Wanlov admitted that he doesn’t particularly enjoy lengthy sexual encounters, he highlighted the extended duration of the initial round.

“I’m not a fan of prolonged sessions, but the first round with me can last quite long. I can go for 15 minutes or even an hour, specifically during the first round,” he revealed.

The artist also shared his ability to prolong the duration of the initial round, emphasizing that he can extend it to his satisfaction.

“As for me, I can prolong it, and once I’m done with the first round, I can take a break before proceeding to the second round,” he added.



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