VIDEO: ‘Kakraa Wob3di Nti You’ve Turn Communication Minister For Wale’ – Shatta Michy Destroys ‘Immature’ Medikal

Shatta Michy has reignited her feud with AMG Medikal, accusing him of immaturity and acting as a mouthpiece for Shatta Wale, merely for monetary gain.

In a recent interview, Michy didn’t hold back in expressing that their ongoing conflict is far from resolved.

During the interview, Shatta Wale’s ex-partner elaborated on her grievances with Medikal.

According to Michy, Medikal has taken it upon himself to be Shatta Wale’s spokesperson, impulsively speaking on his behalf without having all the facts.

She alleged that Medikal does this because he receives some form of compensation or benefits, which she dismissively referred to as “small coins” from Shatta Wale. This aspect of their dynamic greatly irritates her.

Michy asserted that Shatta Wale is aware of the ways he has wronged her, and he knows when it’s best to remain silent on certain matters related to their son during interviews. However, Medikal consistently interjects without considering the consequences of his actions.


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