VIDEO: Level 300 Students Mercilessly Beat Their Colleague For Covering His Answer Booklet During Their Mid Semester Exams

In a shocking incident that has gained widespread attention on the internet, a male student found himself at the center of a troubling situation during mid-semester exams.

Instead of succumbing to peer pressure and cheating, he bravely stood firm against his classmates’ attempts to copy his answers.

The incident, captured in a viral video, shows the courageous student refusing to compromise his integrity. Determined not to facilitate academic dishonesty, he shielded his answer booklet from prying eyes, making it clear that he would not let his hard-earned work be stolen.

As the situation escalated, a group of angry classmates confronted the student, demanding that he share his answers with them. Despite their insistence and mounting aggression, he continued to resist, refusing to give in to their demands.

Tragically, the confrontation took a violent turn, with the attackers resorting to physical aggression. In a distressing scene, the victim sustained severe head injuries as his classmates smashed bottles on his head outside the exam hall.

The brutal attack caused the student to bleed profusely, prompting some of his classmates to attempt to stop the bleeding while others filmed the horrifying incident.

Throughout the assault, the attackers justified their actions, blaming the victim for not complying with what they believed was a “reasonable” thing to do – helping them engage in academic dishonesty.

This distressing incident sheds light on the importance of integrity and the need to address peer pressure in academic settings. It also highlights the concerning consequences that can arise when individuals choose to stand up against dishonest practices.



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