VIDEO: “My Husband Is a 1-Minute Man Reason I’m Sleeping With Another Man” – Wife Reveals

A Ghanaian woman has left her marital home and moved in with another man, citing her husband’s struggle with premature ejaculation as the reason for her decision.

In an interview with Aunty Naa on Oyerepa FM, the woman revealed that she has never been sexually satisfied since marrying her husband and has never experienced an orgasm.

According to her, her husband admitted to masturbating frequently before they got married, which she believes is the cause of his premature ejaculation issues. However, her husband disputes this claim and asserts that he is strong and capable in bed.

Despite their differences, the woman is now living with her boyfriend, who is aware of her marital status and the fact that she has a child from her marriage.

The situation has caused heartbreak and discord in their marriage, and it remains a complicated and sensitive matter for both parties involved.



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