Video Of Alleged Ghanaian Man Eating Fufu In A Train Abroad Goes Viral

A viral video of a man alleged to be a Ghanaian eating fufu has been trending on social media for days now. The video shows the man eating a local food in a train abroad which has attracted condemnation from Ghanaian folks.

Many Ghanaians on social media have condemned his action to eat fufu in a train abroad, saying what he did was shameful to Ghanains and Africans in general.

Surprisingly, the many Ghanaians who are using social media to berate the man are the same group of people who buy different kinds of food and eat whiles travelling in a troski or a bus.

Watch The Video Below

It’s currently uncertain why the man decided to set up and eat his Fufu in a train rather than at the comfort of wherever he stays but rather decide to do that in a train.

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